Seed & Seedling Troubleshooting

Seed & Seedling Troubleshooting

  • Monitor media temperature. Room temperature does not equate to soil temperature. Use a heat mat and a thermometer for temperature control.


  • Stretching stems are due to lack of light or too warm of temperature. To prevent this, remove plastic cover, remove from bottom heat and move into bright light at 50 percent germination.


  • Seedlings also need periods of darkness to properly mature. Providing 12-16 hours of light and 8-12 hours of darkness is recommended.


  • Stuck seed coats are due to seeds being planted too shallow, planting media that is too dry, or both.


  • Droopy seedlings are caused by roots that are deprived of oxygen, brought on by excessive moisture or dense planting media.


  • White discoloration or blotches on the leaf surface is usually due to sunscald.


  • Pale, yellow leaves or stalled growth are indicators that nutrients are lacking nitrogen. Fertilize once per week with a balanced, naturally derived liquid food at one-half strength after cotyledons form.


  • Purple/reddish leaves are an indicator of a lack of phosphorus. Fertilize with a balanced liquid food at one-half strength as needed
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