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From Our Garden to Yours

Play in our virtual garden to learn all things green, plan seed or sanctuary, and find a store to visit today!

  • Perennial Planting: How to Overcome Difficult Planting Sites

    Is there a spot in your yard where you struggle to get anything except weeds to grow? Perennials can be problem solvers in those challenging areas. Learn about three types of difficult planting sites and perennials that will thrive in each of them.

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  • June Garden Checklist for Zones 3-6

    We've turned the calendar to June, so it's time to get the last of your annual flowers and vegetables planted and turn your focus to garden and container maintenance. Keep reading for tips on fertilizing, weeding, watering, harvesting, and controlling pests and diseases so your plants remain healthy and productive.

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  • Dos and Dont's When Gardening with Children

    Gardening provides lasting benefits for adults and kids alike. Aside from physical activity, gardening offers the chance to connect with nature, de-stress and bond with family members, all while growing healthy and delicious produce. Continue reading for tips on how to make gardening a fun hobby for you and your children and reminders of mistakes to avoid to keep your budding young gardeners safe.

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  • Shade Garden Design Ideas

    Are you looking for inspiration on how to spruce up shaded portions of your landscape? Transform those areas into beautiful shade gardens. The shade allows you to combine wonderful colors and textures with other elements like walking paths and seating areas to create peaceful spaces for you to relax and enjoy. Keep reading for tips on planning and preparing your shade gardens and ideas for how to incorporate container plants and other features into your design.

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  • Cicada Emergence 2024: Protecting Your Garden & Landscape

    The distinct buzz of Cicadas is a sign of summer. This year, Cicadas will be even more prominent in certain parts of the country. Continue reading to learn why and to better understand the impact they may have on your landscape.

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  • Using Plants to Increase Your Home's Humidity

    Indoor plants provide aesthetic benefits to homes. But did you also know they add humidity to the air, thereby helping to prevent the spread of illness and disease? Keep reading to learn more about how you can use plants to increase your home's humidity and which indoor plants are best for improving dry air.

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  • Fox Farm Logo

    Fox Farm

    FoxFarm is passionate about producing the finest soil mixes, fertilizers and microbrewed liquid plant foods.

  • Espoma Garden Soil


    Espoma provides quality soils and fertilizers for many varieties of plants.

  • Bonide Deadbug Spray


    Bonide offers weed, insect, disease and animal controls in a variety of formulations and applications to meet any gardener’s needs.

  • Nathan Zondag

    Your Ultimate Garden Resource

    We know that gardening is a journey of planning and troubleshooting. We'll support you wherever you are on your path with science-backed resources and an in-house horticuluralist. We'll make sure you walk out of our stores ready to tackle any garden project.

  • From Our Garden to Yours

    As a fourth generation family-owned business, we've known since 1907 that you don't need to search distance for quality. We're committed to growing our nursery stock and supporting our assortment through vendors close to home.

  • Jung Guarantee

    Jung's has built it's business on quality for generations. Our in-house germination team ensures the seeds we sell meet rigorous standards. We guarantee our bare root stock and nursery trees, shrubs, and perennials are of the highest quality.

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