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Houseplant Supplies

Our Garden Centers carry everything a novice to expert houseplant hobbyist will need to make sure their plants thrive.

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  • Mite-X Insect Pump Spray

    Bonide Mite-X® Houseplant Pump Spray

    An effective indoor & outdoor spray that kills mites, aphids, thrips, and other listed insects. Made from botanical cottonseed, clove and garlic extracts. Kills insects on contact.

  • Bonide Houseplant Insect Spray

    Bonide Houseplant Insect Spray

    Kills insects and controls disease. Kills over 60 different listed insects. Provides both contact and residual control. For use on listed fruits & vegetables, flowers, lawns, trees, & ornamentals.

  • Bonide Houseplant Insecticidal Soap

    Bonide Houseplant Insecticidal Soap

    Kills listed insects on contact. It is for organic gardening, and for use on listed houseplants, vegetables, fruits, & flowers. It can be used up to the day of harvest.

  • Bonide Houseplant Leaf Shine

    Bonide Houseplant Leaf Shine

    Dries in minutes for a beautiful, clean, lustrous shine that lasts and lasts. Prevents moisture loss as it shines. Made with natural ingredients.

  • Bonide Systemic Granules

    Bonide Systemic Granules

    Provides insect control for up to 8 weeks. Protects plants from aphids, whiteflies, and other listed insects. Internal insect protection that won't wash off with water.

  • Bonide Neem Max Concentrate

    Bonide Neem Max Concentrate

    NeemMax is a plant-based, botanical product that contains the full spectrum of bioactive compounds that stops the insect lifecycle. This 4-in-1 product is a Fungicide, Insecticide, Miticide & Nematicide.

  • Bonide Neem Oil

    Bonide Neem Oil

    An all-purpose insecticide, miticide, and fungicide for organic gardening that is derived from the Neem seed. Kills all stages of insects including eggs, larvae, and adults.

  • Espoma Neem Oil 3n1

    Espoma Neem Oil 3n1

    For organic gardening. Three in one product, fungicide – miticide – insecticide. Kills egg, larvae & adult stages of insects.

  • BioAdvanced 2-in-1

    BioAdvanced 2-in-1

    2-in-1 Insect Control Plus Fertilizer Plant Spikes, 10-Spikes in each package. Protects and feeds up to 8 weeks without spraying. 2-in-1 formula kills listed insects while feeding your plants.

  • Fox Farm Don't Bug Me Insect Spray

    Fox Farm Don't Bug Me Insect Spray

    Can be used indoors or outdoors as a contact spray for flying and crawling pests commonly found in and around the home. May be applied up to day of harvest.

  • Safer Houseplant Sticky Stakes

    Safer Houseplant Sticky Stakes

    Control Flying Insects - Sticky Stakes effectively trap a variety of flying insects including whiteflies, fungus gnats, thrips, fruit flies, and more.

  • Bonide African Violet Food

    Bonide African Violet Food

    Specifically formulated to provide nutrients to your African violets. It promotes beautiful blooms. It's recommended to use every time you water.

  • Bonide Cactus Food

    Bonide Cactus Food

    Specifically formulated for unique needs of cacti, aloe, jade, & other succulents. It's recommended to use every time you water. Specifically formulated for unique needs of cacti, aloe, jade, & other succulents.

  • Bonide Houseplant Food

    Bonide Houseplant Food

    Bonide's liquid plant food is specifically formulated for listed houseplants. It's recommended to use every time you water.

  • Espoma Indoor! Houseplant Fertilizer

    Espoma Indoor! Houseplant Fertilizer

    Promotes growth and greening. All natural & organic, mix with water and feed instantly. Beneficial microbes ensure superior results.

  • Espoma Cactus! Succulent Fertilizer

    Espoma Cactus! Succulent Fertilizer

    An all-natural and organic plant food that is suitable for all succulents and cactus. A proven formula to grow better, stronger, and bigger plants.

  • Espoma Violet! African Violet Fertilizer

    Espoma Violet! African Violet Fertilizer

    An excellent flower fertilizer for all African Violets & blooming indoor plants. Provides all major plant nutrients and millions of beneficial microbes for optimum plant health.

  • Espoma Orchid! Blooom Boost

    Espoma Orchid! Blooom Boost

    Specially formulated with organic ingredients, all major plant nutrients & millions of beneficial microbes delivering optimum plant health & top performance results. Ideal for use with all orchids & bromeliads.

  • Jack's Classic African Violet Fertilizer

    Jack's Classic African Violet Fertilizer

    High quality nutrients are formulated to deliver the perfect 12-36-14 blend to produce deep green foliage, stocky stems, strong root and bud development and colorful blooms.

  • Jack's Classic Houseplant Special

    Jack's Classic Houseplant Special

    Houseplant Special 15-30-15 is a traditional indoor houseplant fertilizer designed for use on all foliage and flowering plants.

  • Jack's Classic Orchid Special

    Jack's Classic Orchid Special

    Orchid Special 30-10-10 feeds through both roots and leaves. Orchids need this high nitrogen and special micronutrient formula when potted in porous fibers, fir bark and rock.

  • Jobes Houseplant Plant Spikes

    Jobes Houseplant Plant Spikes

    These spikes provide a continuous supply of important nutrients right at the roots, where plants need it most. The pre-measured, specially formulated spikes are simply inserted into the soil around your plant.

  • Jobes Fern & Palm Plant Spikes

    Jobes Fern & Palm Plant Spikes

    Slow release fertilizer spikes that are perfectly formulated for all your fern or palm needs. Simply insert into the soil around your plant and water as you normally would.