Jung Garden Centers and the J.W. Jung Seed Company

Choicest Fruit makes Tastiest Seeds

Late 1800's-Early 1900's

On the rural family farm, every one of the 10 boys and 2 girls had their job to keep the Jung's family farm running. J.W's job was to tend to the garden and keep it weeded. In those days, there were very few ways to buy seed, so seed had to be grown and harvested as a part of gardening. He learned from his mother that the choicest fruit made the best seed. Through peddling some of the extra seeds he had grown on the farm, he earned himself some extra money and an idea for something bigger.

Business School and Buckabee


After graduating from Oshkosh Business School, J.W. apprenticed at Buckabee Seed Company in Rockford Illinios. He oftern talked of the long hours and low pay they got in those days, especially when the seed crops were coming in.

J.W. Jung Seed Company


When J.W. returned from his apprenticeship, with a humble hand press in his family's kitchen, the J.W. Jung Seed Company was born. A hole was cut in the side of the house for the belt that ran the press!

Building a Mailing List

J.W. built his mailing list by trading articles for advertisements. He would write gardening articles in exchange for advertisements in farm magazines. The exchange seemed to pay off, and soon the small hand press in his family's kitchen was not sufficient for the growing business.

Press Crew

Business Outgrows the Kitchen Printing Operation


J.W. purchased a Chandler and Price cylinder press in 1909, and could print 10,000 of his seed catalogs. In 1910 a new two-story building was erected on the Jung family farm to house the seed company which by now had about 500 customers.

JCJ and Customer

Printing Outgrows the Family Farm


As the business grew, it became apparent that the rural location of the business made transportation challenges a problem, especially in winter and early spring. He decided to move the business to downtown Randolph in 1913 to be near the post office and railroad.

JW Gardening

Growing Business and Nursery Stock


To accommodate the growing business, J.W. purchased the Alton Hall, an opera house in downtown Randolph,WI. Nursery stock was a new category added to the offerings in the catalog.

The Great Depression


Even though the U.S. was in a depression, the 1930's saw a rapid growth for the seed company. By 1935, the catalog mailing was up to 280,000. In times of economic hardship, seeds and gardening provide a way for families to put food on the table.

The First Garden Center Opens


Local catalog customers wanted a way to shop the catalog and get everything they needed in one trip. To meet demand, the first garden center was set up in a room in the new company headquarters in 1955.

Old Garden Center Photo

The Second Generation

Post WWII-1992

After World War II, J.W.'s sons Wilfred, John, and his son-in-law Tuenis Zondag joined the company. When Wil and J.W. retired in 1981 Teunis and John managed the business until 1992-when the next generation of leadership was ready take charge when they retired.

Growing Garden Center Demand


As local demands to shop the J.W. Jung Catalog product in person grew, a new Randolph Garden Center was built onto the headquarters in 1972. A second store was opened in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 1989.

Sun Prairie Garden Center

New Leadership & More Garden Centers


After getting his Bachelor's degree in Horitculture at UW-Madison, Dick Zondag, Tuenis' son, worked with the nursery, greenhouses, and propogation from 1972 until he eventually took over the business from the second generation of leadership in 1992.

Dick was at the forefront of building successful Madison garden centers in the 1990's- Madison, Sun Prairie, and Fitchburg.

Dick went on to get his Master's Degree in Horticulture from Cornell University. His business leadership and horticultural education expanded potted nursery production to meet growing customer demands for Jung's high quality product beyond what was offered in the catalog.

Dick Zondag

3rd Generation Innovation

50 Years of Growing

Dick led the company as President for almost 30 years, navigating new technology and helping bring J.W.'s catalog titles onto the internet and to millions of the convenience of online ordering at www.jungseed.com.

In 2021 he retired as the 4th generation, his son Nathan, was ready to take lead. He maintains his radio segment 'The Garden Doctor' on The Daily Dodge, started a Garden Doctor Youtube, and is still sharing his family business and gardening knowledge at the company headquarters, where he can be seen almost daily.

The Garden Doctor
Nathan Zondag

The 4th Generation- Present


Nathan Zondag grew up seeing his Grandpa Teunis and father Dick Zondag running his Great Grandfather J.W.'s company. In the 2000's, Nathan continued in their footsteps working at the seed company. At Wisconsin Lutheran College Nathan earned his Bachelor's degrees in both Business Adminstration and Biology Natural Resouces, and eventually worked his way up to VP with Dick as President. In 2022 Nathan took over the company when Dick retired, and works closely with his family at the headquarters in Randolph, WI.

Nathan oversees the catalog, websites, garden centers, and growing operations while maintainting the quality that J.W. built and his family has maintained for generations.

In 2022 Nathan opened the first Jung Garden Center pop-up store in Appleton, which opens year round in 2023. Like his father, he is expanding garden center growing and distribution at Jung Garden Center in Stoughton in 2023.

Jung currently distributes 8 catalog titles and 8 million catalogs per year.